I have spent the past few days thinking about what to say more than just "thank you."  I want to take a minute to say that this past year has been the best of my life.  This campaign made me believe in the difference a single person can make.  As I read through the results from election night in detail, I saw names of people across the county whom I am privileged to have met.  From Ambler, where the race ended in an exact tie election night, to Democratic wins in places where Democrats have never won before, to losses in areas where Democrats have had control for some time.  It was an intense night.

People say all the time, "I don't know how you do it", or "are doing it", or "did it," but at each and every meeting I attended, I saw something that made me want to work harder.  I knew that I had friends and allies in each corner of this county.  And it is a large county.  From my new friend Will Holt, who also suffered a crushing loss, to people across the county who believed in me and provided support from the beginning.

I know that while all of the headlines read "Democrats WIN!" each defeat for each local candidate was crushing.  The detail under the fold reveals hundreds of candidates in over fifty municipalities who all worked together to make that happen at the top of the ticket.  Losses for Magisterial District Justice in Upper Dublin (by 35 votes) and a monumental win against a 30 year incumbent here in Abington were all unexpected results that took us by surprise.

Each time I thought about what to write, I thought I will miss something, or leave someone out, so I am deliberately not naming names, except for a very few.  Please allow me to say my thank yous: 

I would be remiss if I did not mention my Hee for Deeds Team: David Floyd, my Treasurer and Cheerleader, Kevin Shaw who designed and maintained, Bill England, my Communications Director, and Neil Deegan, my Campaign Finance Advisor. 

As for my family, my husband Robert Niewodowski, who held down the fort at home this past year, my son Bobby, who is the light of my life, and my family who worked the polls: my mom, Barbara Hee and my sister who came up from Chapel Hill North Carolina, Carol Seagle who both had to confess that they had a great time doing it even though they had never done it before; my brother-in-law, Bob Balmer who worked at the Ardsley Community Center and who told me that Commissioner Dennis Zappone confided in him that he was actually going to vote for me over my opponent because of Bob's lobbying efforts all day.  I would like to mention my own Republican committee person, who was introducing me to neighbors and asking them to vote for me and who hugged me at the end of the night!  I had a great day at the polls.

Without the amazing support of the ARDC, each of whom individually lifted me up and who collectively gave me an amazing lead to take out to the rest of the county: you know who you are.  Please know that every month, the ARDC Meeting recharged me and re-energized me to make it through the next round.  And to our new Commissioners, I know that you will do our community proud.  And of course, our amazing school board, who stomped their opposition.

And to the Montco Young Dems, who all but adopted me, even though I am soooo not a YOUNG Dem and came out on a snowy night to Party with the Planets (and may I take a moment to mention Abington's OWN Your Favorite Band The Planets!!!) and who, each time I meet with them, give me hope for our party's future.  We have a deep talent pool here in Montgomery County and the future is bright!

And to the Montgomery County Democratic Women's Leadership Initiative, who are amazing and will be getting more women into office!

 And to our current elected officials, especially Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, who has been a role model and great mentor and supporter.

And to my new friends in Labor.  Thank you for your investment in me.

And to the Montgomery County Democratic Party:  all fifteen area leaders and the committees were amazingly welcoming and supportive.

To the other Row Office Candidates, Ann, Diane, Mark, D. Bruce, Walter, Jason and Will: it was a pleasure. 

Finally, a word for Josh and Leslie:  this campaign was amazing.  At every turn you supported us and welcomed us and coordinated to be truly a TEAM.  With the backing of Marcel, Dianna, Jeanne, Lauren, Lee, and the dozens of Shapiro Richards staffers (all of whose names I really believe I just finally learned!!!!) you two lead us to make history and I am privileged to have been there for a front row seat.  I know you are the best of what Montgomery County has to offer and I know you will do us proud as you lead our county forward!

I know that by now, the award show music would be playing and I would be pulled off of the stage, and I didn't even win.  So, this brings me to the end of what I think I can reasonably expect anyone to read.  I have always loved the phrase "That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger!" and I'm not dead, so I must have gotten really really strong this year.
As for me, you ask, how are you? What is next?  The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte looks to be fun; I want to go as a Delegate.  Please support me.  Hee at the DNC!  Yes it rhymes!!

About Linda

As Recorder of Deeds I will work aggressively to protect the interests of all homeowners in Montgomery County.

Linda M. Hee has spent her legal career working to help others. Linda currently serves as Assistant Counsel to Philadelphia Corporation for Aging where she helps protect the interests of elderly citizens who are the victims of abuse, neglect, exploitation or abandonment. She has experience defending the rights of the property owners and has grappled with many of the issues related to deed filings and transfers. Prior to joining the Corporation for Aging, Linda served as Assistant Counsel for the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania, where she represented individuals with AIDS, many of whom were being discriminated against. She also provided legal advice regarding bankruptcy and public benefits. In addition to her public service she spent approximately 2 years in private practice.

Linda was recently appointed as a Hearing Officer for the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board. She received the distinction of being listed on the First Judicial District’s 2010 Pro Bono Roll of Honor for her volunteer work at the Face to Face Legal Clinic in Germantown. An active Democrat, Linda has been a Democratic Committee Person for nearly a decade. She is currently a committeeperson in Abington’s 11th ward.

Linda received her B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Scranton 1993. After working in private industry for three years, Linda went to law school and received her J.D. from Temple University in 1999. Linda is active in her church and community and lives in Abington with her husband, Robert Niewodowski and their 9-year old son Bobby.

Montgomery County Young Democrats Beef and Beer Saturday October 29


to all who attended the Fundraiser this past Saturday.



Fundraiser w young dems

Linda with Stephen Rudman and Matt Stehman from the Montgomery Co Young Democrats

The snow could not stop the incredible time we had with your favorite band - The Planets!  Many of you were unable to join us due to the weather, and Linda is grateful to all who expressed their support for her campaign - both those who attended and the many who were unable to make it out but have sent their support. 

A fundraiser with Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz


To Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz

and all who attended Brunch  


Brunch with Congresswoman Schwartz
Linda with two women who have inspired her: Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and her Mom, Barbara

Lawyers for Linda

Linda and Patrick Murphy

A special "Thank You" to all who were able to join us at the Lawyers for Linda event, it was a great success.

Nearly 50 people came out to join in support of the campaign.  The evening was a great success.  Current Montgomery County Commissioner Joseph M. Hoeffel, III, acted as the emcee, introducing Sanford L. Pfeffer, Esquire, General Counsel of Philadelphia Corporation for Aging and Congressman Patrick J. Murphy.  Rep. Murphy outlined Linda's credentials and gave an overview of her vision of service for the office.

Linda would like to thank fellow candidates Cheryl Austin, Esquire, who is running for Montgomery County Common Pleas Court and the Honorable Ann Thornburg Weiss, Montgomery County Clerk of Courts, who is seeking her second term both on the ballot with Linda this fall.

In addition to the many lawyers at the event, Linda has gained the support of IBEW Local Union #126, who were also in attendance. 


Linda H Patrick M Joe H Ann W

Patrick Murphy, Ann Thornburg Weiss, Linda and Joe Hoeffel, Montgomery County Commissioner













"With this much support for my campaign in August, on the night of the first Eagles Pre-Season game, I feel confident going moving into the high-pitch campaign season after Labor Day," said Linda.

Linda is looking forward to her next fundraiser, with Special Guest Speaker Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz this fall and another Party with the Planets, coming soon. Linda will also be inviting all of you to a Meet and Greet with Josh and Leslie on October 1st, so save the date!  Details on these events will be available soon.